thrift store makeover

Thrift store makeovers, vintage painted furniture at bargain prices!

Thrift store makeover




If you run into an old dirty, scratched, stained Vintage hutch in the back corner of your local thrift shop…or maybe at local garage sale…don’t dismiss it…snatch it up…there is hope for that beauty to be Redesigned, here is a little bit of inspiration. I found these pieces at my local yard sale for less than $100? less than $75? less than $60? Yes!! I would have been a crime to not redo them…how great would this be in your kitchen with the beautiful stoneware/china that you have stored away waiting to be showcased?


…you could even make this into a fabulous coffee station or perhaps an office hutch to hold precious family photos and décor.  You are probably thinking of all the other things you could do and I am sure they are all fabulous.  If you want some more ideas here is one I am personally impressed with @myrepurposedlife  (



I love to find chunky, ornate, and vintage wood frames, they are so inexpensive and easy to ReDesign into Fabulous!  take a look…click here you’ll see.. this great DIY how to has been showcased @ Grillo-designs, I spend a lot of time there.

thrift store makeover




Another little pinspiration goodie for you.  Look at this vintage suitcase made over into a spectacular little side table.  Thrift store deal @ $10, would you have brought it home? This piece I used chalk paint and wax sealer, attached to another little table I had stored in my (do not get rid of pile) collection. The vintage suitcase transforms into a useful and lovely piece that you would love to mix into your current décor. I love the tutorial @ Design Sponge

thrift store makeover



You will never pass up a $2 Thrift Store find again! I don’t mean to sound cheap but when I go into retail stores and see home décor at those high prices and compare to my similar style pieces at 60 to 90% savings, I do tend to get Happy!

thrift store makeovers




Talk about a Thrift Store Makeover.  This beauty was the perfect size for my (tends to feel small kitchen area) I seem to have a lot of difficulty when I need to fill a space with limited dimensions, the hunt can go on and on, but sometimes we just get Lucky!


I love quality pieces and decor that make me think (What can I make out of that?) those are my inspirations.  So next time you are thrift shopping, if you find yourself attracted to a piece and don’t know exactly what you could do with it, just ask yourself (What can I make out of that, that I would love to have?)

Don’t let it pass you by especially if the price is right, make it yours, think of what you know you can do with it, you can paint it, use it for multiple projects, make it shabby chic, whatever your style, it would be fun and amazing with a little ReDesign…xoxo

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