I found this cute metal (Eat sign) at a local yard sale.  I have a small space in my kitchen that needs just the right piece/décor, I couldn’t pass this up for $2.  It is a light up piece but of course with price reflects the fact that it didn’t work when I got it home and put in new batteries.  But not to worry, I am always finding ways to change, redo, restyle and finding a way to make it work.



Yes!! ASCP to the rescue.  I wanted to give it a bit of a rustic look and paint and redesigning always come to mind.


Here it is, two coats of paint and let to dry about 20mins.  On to the next step. (easy peasy!)


Yes, and finish with AS dark wax, just brush it on and wipe off.  This project was easy, fast, and fun.


Close up of finished look



Oh yes, in place of where the small bulbs would be I added a few blingy buttons, I always love to add something shiny, it catches my eye. When you find a piece you love, don’t let it get away, you can always ReDesign it to make it exactly what you want…xoxo



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