Alliyah Rose

Where have I been lately?

I have been trying to figure it out.  What’s next? How can I be and do all that i wish to do?

Well, I have so many things yet to conquer but I am taking it one at a time.  Let’s start with learning Photography.  I am just now taking the time in my life to look back and try to reconnect to all my wishes and dreams that I have yet to accomplish.  When i was very young, I had the opportunity to become an intern with a large photography studio in my hometown.   I did not take that opportunity for the only reason that I now call *it just wasn’t my time*.  Well now is my time.  I do know that I have always loved Art in many ways, I can see the common thread in all that I have done and wanted to do in my life that lead back to my Love of art.

I am now on my Journey of learning and mastering the art of Photography.  I have invested in my training. I have purchased what I believe to be a good beginner DSLR the Nikon 3300, after much & much research I came to the conclusion that this was the best purchase for me.  I am only beginning with it, but so far I love it and happy with my choice.  With the availability of tutorials now on Youtube, I am learning not only how to operate and handle this awesome camera but of course how to become a good photographer.

Of course, when you get a camera, watch thousands of tutorials, practice taking pictures, well then you have to learn how to process and edit these pictures.  Well that means I have to watch thousands more videos on learning lightroom (photo editing software).  This picture is of my g-baby Alliyah Rose (my favorite model). What I have found with kids is you just follow them around and they do the rest.

Alliyah Rose

I took this picture to lightroom and tried my hand at manipulating the exposure and adding interest.  This color really stands out, right?  What I love most of course is catching her pretending she was talking with someone on the phone.  She loves playing pretend.


Pretty Bluebird.  This cutie actually visits my backyard on a daily basis, we just sit and watch him in wonder as he does his bird thing.  The colors on this beautiful bird are truly amazing, I’m so happy he chooses my yard to visit.  This picture I did not do editing, it’s as is.  Here I was playing with zoom in, and focusing solely on the Pretty bluebird.




This is just a small home decor piece I have sitting on a shelf, this one I played with a few editing techniques. I didn’t necessarily have this look in mind, but that’s what learning is all about right? In the end you never know what you’re going to get.  I am happy with it, to my it is definitely interesting.  All we need is Love.


life by design

Do you have something new you would like to learn? What is stopping you from trying? As the saying goes “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C. S. Lewis”



4 thoughts on “For the love of Art, Re Designing my Life and learning Photography.”

  1. Virginia….You are such a complex woman….Inspire is a word I would use for you! My sister Kathleen is a photographer self taught and she is good….I also love art but at a different end of the spectrum…I’m not sure where I’m going at this time of my life but I do know i’m making my own way….a lot like you I’ve yet to discover the full me! I’m thinking on not settling for a complete me…I enjoy a change of pace and the adventure! Looks like you do too! ……Your Friend …….Bonnie

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Ms B., I appreciate word of wisdom. I am definitely at a place where I want to be and do everything I never knew I wanted! The time is NOW and I don’t have a minute to waste. I just finally know what I LOVE and I not making anymore excuses about why I can’t do it. My Motto: Do at least one thing everyday that makes you Happy! V.

  2. I love it! I have three cameras and carry at least one around with me all the time. Very cool that you are learning how to use them.

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