I am the Painter, I am not the Cook!

How I finally made Cooking easy

I am not the Cook, are you? I have never enjoyed cooking, I wish i had taken interest in it but this hobby just passed me by. It’s a shame because I truly appreciate a good meal.

My design and creativity stopped at the kitchen, for me it takes so much time to plan and prepare a meal,  in my world 10 to 15 minutes to consume it, and another hour to clean up after, not my idea of fun. I don’t believe I have the patience for it. What I do enjoy are cooking shows, great food, a variety of flavors, etc.   I completely envy people that enjoy, love and have cooking skills.

My solution is the best of both worlds, I order in but I  do the actual cooking.  It’s  Hello Fresh! This is a food delivery service that I have found and have subscribed to for the last few months.

They are a food delivery service that brings all ingredients and recipes directly to your door. This service allows you to pick the meals you prefer,( they give you 6 different options) you have a choice of how many meals you would like delivered and how often,  and finally how many people to serve. You can tailor this to your specific needs.cooking


I love that I cook the meal, but everything I need is included, (I do mean everything), but I now have direction, everything I need at my fingertips, and I get to try so many new flavors that I probably wouldn’t have before on my own.  I am enjoying my kitchen again.

I find that what this does for me is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t have to figure out each day “what am i going to make tonight”? It adds variety to our meals, lots of vegetables and proteins, spices, and flavors.

I don’t have to go to the grocery store ( a chore I also don’t enjoy) and finally I don’t have anymore waste.  When I made a meal, I found that I ended with more leftovers than I wanted and leftovers aren’t very popular in my house, this of course led to too much food/$ waste.









This is my latest selection, who doesn’t love Salmon? The step by step instructions are just what I need, Easy!




Their finished plate




These are all the ingredients included in my box, I have to say I am happy with the freshness and that most recipes include many vegetables. Yummy


My finished plate


Well, here she is! This is my finished meal, so many spices and veggies that I use very little seasoning, I love that.

If you are like me and need help in the kitchen, you can try Hello Fresh to see what you think of it. Use this code (UW2HBR) and get $40 off your first delivery.  Let me know what you think!




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